How Can Kids Become Global Recycling Citizens?

Posted on Wednesday, 13 March 2019

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Children are our future and the key to saving our planet. The Global Recycling Foundation has a fantastic new initiative, encouraging children to make better recycling practices and think with a green mind-set from an early age.

Ahead of Global Recycling Day on 18th March 2019, children are being asked to join a huge, worldwide drive to ensure we have a sustainable planet ahead.

The youth of today are the key pillars in making sure our planet has a bright future. With such an important message, schools, parents and any youth orientated clubs are being asked to encourage and share awareness of this movement.

The seven recycling promises

These seven recycling promises will ‘help to make the world a better place to live in’ (Source: Global Recycling Foundation):

  1. Use less things made of plastic.
  2. Help friends follow the recycling rules.
  3. Repair and reuse old things.
  4. Only put clean, dry items in my recycling box.
  5. Look online to learn more about recycling and share with friends.
  6. Don’t forget other materials.
  7. Remember to recycle packaging.

You can download the full document with more information here.

How can you and your kids make a change?

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to make better recycling practices but here are just a few:

  • Only use re-usable bags instead of one-use plastic bags.
  • Invest in a re-fillable water bottle.
  • E-waste is dangerous too, so recycle any old electronics.
  • Buy food in bulk to reduce packaging.
  • Host a party with fun recycling games to spread the message with friends e.g. build robots with materials that can be recycled.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt and collect anything from the environment that can be recycled.
  • Quit plastic straws.
  • Watch and share a video about recycling.
  • Start a recycling club in the local community.
  • Make a packaging-free lunch for your lunch box.

Don’t forget other materials

The 6th promise on the list is ‘Don’t forget other materials’!

This is something we strive to promote at every turn. There are so many things that can be recycled - not just plastic. But do you know how to recycle other items that you no longer want?

We know we can recycle our plastic, cans and newspapers but what about recycling your car too? Recycling your car drastically benefits our environment. When you do so, this cuts carbon emissions, saves energy, reduces pollutants into wildlife habitats and minimises landfill - helping us move towards a sustainable planet.

You can recycle your car with CarTakeBack. You will benefit our environment and fulfil the 6th promise! The CarTakeBack recycling centres in Australia safely remove all harmful materials from the vehicle, and then re-use or recycle the rest.

It’s not just cars that you can recycle, there are places where you can recycle lots of unexpected items such as, crayons, running shoes, mattresses, bras and much more. 

Global Recycling Day

Anyone can join in the worldwide celebrations!

Whether your children are promising to make a change or you’ve got pictures of them completing any of the challenges, tag any posts and pictures on social media with #GlobalRecyclingDay to spread the word even more.