New EV Battery Being Developed

Posted on Thursday, 16 May 2019 by CarTakeBack

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A new, high density rechargeable battery is being developed in Europe to provide electric cars with a claimed range of more than 600 miles on a single charge.

Innolith AG, based in Germany, specialises in inorganic battery technology and is working to develop the world's first 1,000Wh/kg (watt-hour per kilogram) battery.

This new battery has the potential to reduce range anxiety due to its anticipated 600 mile total range from an overnight charge, and it should afford a 250 mile range from the same charge time it takes for current batteries. Due to its unique chemistry, the Innolith battery should also drastically reduce the usual costs associated with production as it won’t require the use of expensive materials. Where current electric vehicle batteries use a flammable organic electrolyte, the Innolith Energy Battery will use a non-flammable inorganic electrolyte, which brings the added benefit of a reduced fire risk compared to conventional li-ion batteries.

Innolith plan to launch the battery via a pilot production scheme in Germany initially, with a view to licencing the chemistry to vehicle manufactures and other battery companies.

New EV battery being developed