Recycled Roads Coming to Australia

Posted on Tuesday, 11 September 2018 by CarTakeBack

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The roads in Australia could soon be changing! Two companies have joined forces to make roads made of recycled plastic, glass and printer cartridges, that they claim lasts 65% longer than roads made with asphalt.

A 300 meter stretch of road made with this new surface has been laid in Craigieburn, north Melbourne, and contained the materials form 200,000 recycled plastic bags, toner from 4500 used print cartridges, 50 tonnes of recycled asphalt, and the glass from 63,000 glass bottles.

Australian Road

With the restrictions that China recently put on plastic waste exports, products like this road mix pave the way towards a circular economy within Australia, which the government is supporting with funding from Sustainability Victoria and Metropolitan Waste Resource Recovery Group.

The next road due to get the recycled surface treatment is Old Princes Highway, later this year.