Local Scrap Car Drop Off

Looking to sell your scrap car to a local wrecker? CarTakeBack has local branches throughout Australia. We can help you to sell your scrap car to a local wrecker easily and without any hassle. To find your nearest CarTakeBack wrecker, start by seeing how much your car is worth instantly, just enter your car details and location online, or give us a call.

If your car is still driveable, you can deliver your car to us, making sure to bring your reference number with you to confirm your quote. If you can't drop off your car we can arrange to collect it instead.

Where to scrap my car?

There are CarTakeBack scrap car recycling centres in ACT, NSW, Queensland, SA, Victoria and WA. Find your local CarTakeBack wrecker >

How to sell your car to a wrecker

Once you've accepted our quote, we'll give you a map and directions. There’s no need to make an appointment, just turn up at a time that suits you. Simply bring along your unique reference number to guarantee the price we quoted.

When you get there any paperwork will be taken care of, and all that's left to do is hand over the keys in return for payment for your car!

Check out our FAQs about dropping your car off >