Free Scrap Car Collection

Our scrap car collection service is the perfect option if your car is damaged, broken, you don't have insurance, or you simply don't have the time to drop it off.

Arranging scrap car collection

Arranging the collection of your car is quick and easy, plus having your car collected is free! Once you've accepted our quote to sell your car, your local CarTakeBack branch will call you to sort out a convenient time and date to collect your car, and answer any questions you may have. 

What happens when you have your car collected

We'll send you a reminder, either a text or email, to confirm the collection date and time that we agreed with you.

On the collection day you'll need to have a few things ready - your ID, car keys, any documents you might have for the car, and don’t forget to remove any personal belongings and rubbish from your car.

We’ll sort out the paperwork and payment when we come to collect your car. It couldn’t be easier!

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